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Was Gianni Versace murdered by the mob?

  50 years in business!

Personal, Family Law

We offer discreet private investigator services to clients in Head Office: Canberra ACT. Hobart, Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Darwin and Brisbane, and the world."

Do you suspect your spouse, partner or mate is being unfaithful? Are you involved in a messy divorce with a cheating husband or wife? Let our Private Investigators get you the evidence you need to confirm your doubts or to support your claims in the divorce proceedings.

Due Diligence / Missing Persons / Background Checks

Morgan Turner Freeman also works with in-house and outside counsel and financial advisors to conduct thorough due diligence investigations for clients contemplating a merger, acquisition or strategic partnership with a company located in Australasia or worldwide.
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Whether you are looking for firm evidence of infidelity a personal nature or are looking to document employee misconduct, we have trained, experienced investigators using the highest quality cameras available to videotape any activity that is of interest. We will find that wrong-doer whoever he or she is.
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Hidden Assets

If you have a civil judgment from a law suit or are thinking about filing a civil law suit but are unsure if the defendant is collectable, Morgan Turner Freeman are here to help you find assets, even hidden assets including property, vehicles, employment, bank accounts, business ownership and more, and give you the information needed to collect on that judgment.
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Morgan Turner offers many different types of searches to locate individuals. Whether you are trying to locate a lost love or someone who owes you money, Morgan Turner can help you. Morgan Turner uses a variety of on-line databases to locate these individuals quickly and cost effectively.
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Note: Some services are not available in States where illegal.

Note:We do not find out owners of motor vehicles in Australia, this may be legal in other countries.

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